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Dead Baby Talking

July 5, 2013 — 10 Comments

A poem. A song. A scream toward heaven. Anything, something. A way for me to communicate the sorrow and shame I feel for the monumental regret of my life.

Dear child, if only I could sacrifice the god of “I” to the God of Mercy who is blessedly with you, comforting you. To bring you back. On behalf of everyone who killed innocence in the womb.


You are my father and you abandoned me. Why?

“You weren’t important. I had other priorities. Hell, you weren’t even a ‘you’.”

But I am, you know. We all are. It’s undeniable.

“That, dear love, was an inconvenient truth that I couldn’t handle.”

I was inconvenient?

“You were responsibility, commitment, disruption, expensive, awkward, burdensome, enslaving. Unwanted things.”

And my mother felt the same way?



“I don’t know what your mother was thinking. I’m only assuming. I barely knew her.”

I don’t understand.

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A historian would probably have a field day highlighting the examples of incompetence and immorality in the American roster of Presidents.


They’re men after all, some better than others, and many succumbed to a frailty of character. And the source of that weakness? I’d nominate pride and its many iterations.

On that point, one of the themes to our current President’s most recent State of the Union address is a teachable example of incompetence and immorality. In particular, I’m talking about his vision of investment as related to a Democrat, big government agenda. He knows not what he speaks and the impact on the American common good may very well be catastrophic and immoral.

For a time in my life, I was a principal in a firm that advised some of the largest pension funds in America on matters related to investment, policy, administration and so on. How large? Our pension fund clients had assets of $750 billion (yes, a B) and as a fiduciary, we were obligated to handle our clients’ affairs with trust, honesty and good faith. It should also be emphasized, we labored for our clients’ best interests and not our own. And we were accountable.

Day after day, investment managers would come in and make their pitch to us. More on that in a moment. The ultimate objective of the Blackstones, Morgan Stanleys, and Goldman Sachs of the world was to make a compelling case for their investment thesis and set the wheels in motion to ultimately be allocated monies in the range of $50 million to $1 billion plus. So we’d listen.

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The Walk for Life is this weekend in San Francisco. In thinking about the holocaust of babies, I came across a picture of four doctors posing together at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival; Doctors LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Susan Robinson and Shelley Sella.

unbornThree out of the four seem to be having a nice time. They were the subjects of the documentary After Tiller. (Dr. George Tiller, a late-term abortion provider, was murdered in 2009.) The doctors were most likely standing on a red carpet, a place of honor. Dubious distinction I would suggest.

They are the only four physicians in the U.S. who perform third-trimester abortions.

Please take a moment and look at the faces in the picture. If you’re like me, a flood of thoughts and emotions will pour over mind and body. Clearly, they are dedicated. They know the personal risks. Is care or even love for their pregnant patient their overriding concern? Or something else? I don’t know these people but I would like to—so that we could talk. Individually would be best. I would listen with as much compassion as I could muster then I’d pray that the Holy Spirit guide me. So that I could convince them to stop.

Dr. Robinson, who worked with Dr. Tiller, said, “We learned at his knee. Kindness, courtesy, justice, love and respect are the hallmarks of a good doctor-patient relationship.”

The irony of that statement doesn’t need my amplification.

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We can change the world. You’ve heard that before, but it’s almost a truth with a capital “T.” It’s just a matter of commitment.

Nuclear Bomb

Hear me out.

Just because I woke up in the middle of the night and grabbed my iPhone and excitedly started voice memo-ing about atoms, power, revolution and Kevin Bacon does not mean that I was inspired by God.

Or does it?

To this day, I remain perplexed that the United States of America reelected Barack Obama. In so many ways, his orientation and policies are antithetical to my understanding of America. However, can a majority be wrong or misguided? Of course they can. And the soothsayer in me says that this last election will someday be a classic case study of political misdirection that rivaled the skills of David Copperfield.

The President couldn’t run on his record––in the private sector he probably would have been fired. Yet, because of brilliant and repugnant tactics by his team, he has four more years to social democratize this country and institutionalize quasi anti-American principles––big government, limited freedoms, entitlement dependency, redistribution, religious hostility, family disembowelment, moral diminution, constitutional adventurism, judicial activism, capitalistic restraint, and so on. He’s probably a nice man, but he’s putting America into a figurative death spiral.

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It only took one press conference to rouse me.

I wrote about the subject of arrogance and Presidents prior to the election––and I’ll repeat some of it here––but it still has my attention. Is arrogance an easy or difficult label to apply to President Obama and is that solely a function of one’s political leaning? Or is confidence propelling his assured pace through the waters of turmoil. If one is being truthful, I think it’s an easy assessment and for me, it isn’t dictated by politics.

drowningMore to the point, we have big doings going on in this country and the world so the question of Presidential arrogance is germane in my humble view. Does a leader’s attitude of superiority matter at all? Can President Obama drown in his own arrogance––and by extension, we the people––or is he simply swimming in confidence?

Let me begin as I’m a bit of an expert. You see, I know arrogance. As a former Marine fighter pilot, I used to think I was the chosen one. Fearless and indestructible, I never imagined making a mistake. Even when guys around me were crashing and dying due to their own blunders, I never thought it would happen to me.

After transitioning to the business world, this mindset continued as I worked with the best and the brightest––always feeling right at home with my “peers.”

I was special. Clearly.

As events unfolded through the years, as mistakes compounded in both my professional and personal life, I learned that I wasn’t so special. Not even close.

Therefore, I have to ask. Regarding President Obama, is arrogance a character trait that requires scrutiny? Is he arrogant and is that necessarily a bad thing for the Commander-in-Chief? As well, does he believe himself smart enough and knowledgeable enough to solve the problems of America?

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When God intervenes in history, I like the fact that He doesn’t attach warning labels or cordon off the area or put up police tape. I’d much rather be kept in the dark.

Lourdes Divine Intervention

“Alright folks, keep it moving––I’m in control here. Hey, kid, you with the baggy pants. Why aren’t you in school?”

You see, if I know someone else has the reins, I might be lazy in terms of solving the problem. For example, Tuesday’s election. Clearly, President Obama is the antithesis of Catholic values. Yet, here he is, all snuggled up in the White House plotting havoc on a myriad of fronts. I guess all I can do is plan a counter-offensive from the cheap seats with a blog as my only weapon.

God, you okay with this?

And then my powerful pea brain locks in on the fact that God is very much okay with this. Great good comes from terrible bad––the lesson of the Cross––so He’s cooking up something in His own mysterious way. But rather than back off and let Him fix it, He wants us to be trusting, patient but fully engaged in the battle with Him. We’re disciples of Christ.

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“The best is yet to come.” Mr. President, I’m in complete agreement. Unfortunately, it won’t be under your leadership.

faceless leaderOn the eve of the first presidential debate, I wrote that our nation was on the brink of two possible outcomes.

  1. A continuing, perhaps irreversible, degeneration of the United States of America,
  2. Or an opportunity to revive its moribund self by electing a new leader.

The choice would be ours to make.

I was worried that as many people struggle with the realities of their lives in today’s America as provider, nourisher, contributor and believer, their anxiety and uncertainty could morph into something much worse––hopelessness and despair. I was praying that our nation would somehow rediscover its wisdom and elect a new President––someone who understood the DNA of a republic built on religious freedom, equality, limited government and hope. Would this new President succeed? I don’t know. I had issues with his résumé. However, the last one failed.

But America disappointed me. My prayers went unanswered. Or did they?

President Obama will continue in office for another four years. I’m not particularly optimistic that the machinations in Washington will miraculously change for the better––I actually expect the opposite. In regards to the economy, foreign affairs, or religious and social issues to name a few hot spots, there may be positive movement in some areas and negative results in others. Please don’t ask me specifics because I can only guess. But overall, we won’t see much difference.

America will continue its decline, and despair––the darkness of soul that drowns hope––will permeate even more into the fabric of America.

Yet somewhere in this great land, on a day where two distinct visions divide a population, a man or a woman was called to lead. History will someday record the circumstances of their calling––as Washington, Lincoln and Reagan memorialized theirs. But this very day someone said “enough” and vowed to do something about it. In the name of God.

I don’t know who they are. For the moment, they’re faceless and anonymous––a gold nugget in an unknown stream in an undisclosed place.

And they’re waiting.

When America can’t fall any further, when we’re truly humbled by failure, when an entire nation is receptive to a dynamic vision––obviously, we’re not there yet––this person will be compelled to step forward.

They will be a true leader, entrusted with God’s grace, and will pick us up by the strength of their character, the force of their personality and the firmness of their faith and once again make America the magnificent archetype for all nations.

This generational torchbearer may be thrust into the public eye sooner than later. Then I can say that my prayers have been answered.

The reason for my hope is simple. I trust in God, I acknowledge His authority and I accept His will.

From a religious and/or conscience perspective, there are ample reasons to not re-elect President Obama. But what about his leadership skills as President and Commander-in-Chief? Are they up to the task? I take a pragmatic but unique approach in answering that very question.

In my post “A Moment In Time – Service, Sacrifice, Honor,” I began by mentioning the deaths in Libya of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith and security personnel Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty––heroes all who died in the service of their country. Over six weeks later, the Benghazi story, highlighted by a stream of disconcerting news, has somehow metastasized into an American tragedy. Furthermore, the search for answers is apparently being thwarted by our government––for the moment, reasons unknown.

If the following news reports are true, the United States government––at the least––is guilty, intentionally or unintentionally, of misleading the American public. Beyond that, time will tell.


First, the sequence of events as we know it.

  1. Days/weeks leading up to the Benghazi attack––repeated requests for additional security forces in light of growing threat. Denied.
  2. Just prior to attack––requests for additional security forces/military backup. Denied.
  3. During consulate attack––requests for military backup. Denied.
  4. During subsequent attack on CIA Annex––requests for military backup. Denied.

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