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On this very special day, I can only hope that it was heavenly. Knowing you, I’m sure you had an early tee time – perhaps you had an opportunity to play Cloud 18 – had to have been spectacular. I’m curious as to how far the ball travels in the divine dimension.


Matthew, I miss you more than you can imagine. God willing, it may be a while, but please reserve a spot for me in your foursome. You’ll need to give me two strokes a side since you’ve been practicing. And by the way, we are not going to be in a hurry. I have a million questions for you.

I love you brother. Keep an eye on me please.

“Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.”   St. Therese of Lisieux


In the days following Matthew’s death, there was barely a moment when I wasn’t thinking about him. It will soon be five months and not much has changed actually – I’m still shocked. One would assume that the waves of such a bombshell would dissipate but they haven’t.

But I have a theory. Yes, he was my little brother and I mourn him. But if he had been a bad man, would the grief be the same? No, probably not. (I doubt Jeffrey’s Dahmer’s mum was inconsolable and boozy for months and months after hearing her little boy was beaten to death in prison – but what do I know). The fact that the pain of Matt’s loss for me and others is so overwhelming is the result of him having been a good man, a very good one at that – a testament to his magnificent heart.

Did he hold some honorific position which by its nature would command attention? Not at all. Had he achieved something singularly unique which made him remarkable – where admirers would simply migrate to him to bask in his fame? It would have been nice, but no. Was his wealth a magnet? He’d laugh at that, his relationship with money was adversarial – he didn’t have any. So, from a worldly perspective, not so special. However …

A man’s greatest treasure is his soul grafted to God. And with that comes the grace of humility, character and a giving nature (love). One would hope then that he is measured by who he is and not what he has. If these are the standards as I see it, then my brother – and I’m clearly biased – was blessed.

I’d like to share the following comments about my brother from people who knew him and were affected by his death. I could have included so many more, but these selected sentiments have been very comforting. They present a theme, a narrative of a good soul who impacted his world.

“I am devastated. Matt was one of the most generous men I know, with his smile, his kind and complementary words, and his genuine concern for how you were doing. He was also one of the most fit men I knew. So very unfair.” Mark

“Matt’s Christ loving attitude towards others will never be forgotten. I will miss Matt.” Sean
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Thinking out loud

February 5, 2013 — 2 Comments

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I’m a former one percentor, and I’d like to make a brief point about redistribution.

But first, an extraordinarily sad fact about America. 146 million Americans are in the poor but working class. Their incomes do not cover basic needs: food, clothing, housing, transportation, child care and health care. On the potentially grotesque flip side, the top 50 employers of low-wage workers pay their top executives an average of $9.4 million a year.

This is disconcerting, perhaps shameful to some degree. But under no circumstances do I want the government to attempt to right or solve this disparity. Time and time again, they’ve demonstrated their bureaucratic incompetence and lust for power.

Compassion and fairness to those in need has to emanate from individuals within society. Those folks must change society’s mindset as well. Redistribution yes, a concern for neighbor absolutely, but freely offered and never coerced by a government.

My gosh, one out of four Americans now earns less than $10 an hour.

Uh oh…

January 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

(Posted from my iPhone)

I’m not a computer expert. But whirring, strange sounds and smoke can’t be a good thing.

At least there wasn’t a fire. That would have mangled my new paperweight.

Dear friends, my computer is now resting in peace. Frozen. Think road kill in Antarctica. And since I’m a starving writer without a trust fund, my blog is unfortunately down for the count. Nonetheless, we will be back.

Your prayers would be most appreciated.

God bless!