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My first post in this series of four, “Suicide – A Multidimensional Crisis” is here. My second post, “Suicide – It Begins With Suffering” is here. My third post “Suicide – The How-to Stratagem (Absurd!)” is here.

Praying Hands

During my time of struggle––hopefully the three earlier posts told the story––I would have characterized my life as untethered. I saw myself floating head down far from the earth’s surface, arms outstretched as though I was reaching for someone’s hand. I was only a stick figure, unrealized as a human being. I wasn’t floating in an atmosphere that was quiet and undisturbed but one that was tumultuous.

As the turbulence thrashed me about, as the glass shards of reality wounded me, I floated farther away and I was in danger of leaving the gravitational pull of our planet. Panicked, I prayed that somehow I would find a connection, something or someone who would grasp my hand and stop me from becoming my own planet adrift in the infinite void.

I found that connection. God––the Truth I had always been searching for––grabbed my hand and has never let go. And as I became more accepting of His presence––through prayer––it wasn’t coincidental that I never again wanted for the basics of life. Subtle miracles I like to say. Family and friends and new relationships stepped up to help in so many ways.

I’m going to assume that there are people reading this post (as well as the three earlier ones) who have had thoughts of hurting themselves. It’s an amazingly frightful act to consider and I’m empathetic to your pain. When I think of your agonizing struggles––I’ve been there and never want to go back––with as much honesty and conviction as I can muster, I beg your attention for what I’m about to say.

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I will strive to trust Him completely, to acknowledge His authority and to surrender to His will.

If all you remember from this post is the above, I will have accomplished much.

Recently, I ventured into the lighthearted to write about my encounter with God (which was seriously true) as well as a weekend escape with a friend who is the poster child of anti-culinarians. Both posts made me laugh. However, for whatever reason, not many folks read them. In contrast, sandwiching these two posts, my reflections about crashesintelligent design and abortion were very well received.


Therefore, I have a theory. Generally, my opinions are supported by data but since it’s early morning, I’m going to incorporate the Blink methodology––the rapid cognition that happens within seconds, the power of thinking without thinking. In other words, I’m winging it.

I think America is grumpy and may not be in the mood to laugh.

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