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Approximately 150 meters above the meandering Ardeche river in France sits an uncharacteristically large limestone cave. Inside, two torches are illuminating a space seventy-five feet from the cave entrance. On the soft clay-like floor, a young woman is pensively cooking meat over a fire, seasoning it with native herbs from the grasslands nearby.

Chauvet Cave

Finely made tools, neatly arranged, rest near a couple of wooden carved animal figurines – their tiny shadows dancing with the flickering light. As the woman turns the meat, she’s humming and adoringly watching the two men in her life scrape the adjacent cave wall clear of debris and concretions. The wall is becoming noticeably lighter and smoother.

The task almost complete, the little one – a boy no older than 4 – hands his father a short stick whose end has been roughly carved into a point. On the earthen floor sits a number of bowls containing pigments derived from ochre, hematite, manganese oxide and charcoal.

The father takes the stick – a smile and glance to the mother of his child as well – and dips its end into the ochre-like substance. He begins to smear an outline of a wild horse on a slight wall protuberance, his son watching every move. The mother comes over, puts her arm around the boy’s shoulder and kisses his head. She says something to the father who nods in agreement.

The beauty of God’s natural creation is being illustrated by skilled hands on a wall in a cave – an artist at work – and reverently observed by a family united in love.

The nearest torch also lights up the adjoining wall which angles in at thirty degrees and connects to their current “canvas.” It is this area where one sees paintings of hyenas, mammoths, panthers and bison – even hand prints. It’s a veritable “museum exhibit” of prehistoric art.

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Utopian Reverie And Love

December 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

The webmaster for a preeminent Catholic website and I have had a brief email discussion about humor in evangelization. His site is one of the best online resources for all things Catholic.

Love puzzle

I’m a big fan of humor, don’t see it enough on the top websites and would like to do my small part in expanding its role. The webmaster, whom I’ll call Kevin because that’s a nice name, enjoys humor as well and is open to embracing and supporting more of the funny, quirky, satiric and clever offerings in the Catholic blogosphere. Especially as a counter to bad news. Besides, a substantive lesson uniquely presented has merit. He didn’t quite say it this way but I know that’s what he was thinking. (We’ll see––smiley face.)


My dog Lani and I are sitting in the grass watching three magnificent thoroughbreds display their agility, speed and spirit. They’re on the other side of the fence in semi wooded bliss; their frenetic bursts don’t last long but they’re a sight to see. If I were insane, I’d attempt to ride Princess bareback; she’d enjoy bucking me off and stomping my body into applesauce––in a playful kind of way. It would be short-sighted, however, because I feed her every day.

I should be enjoying these moments with my dog but I can’t quiet my brain. You see, I’m trying to think how cool it would be to hang with God for the day.

Of course, safe to say that isn’t going to happen in the material, buddy to buddy sense that I’m suggesting.

So maybe the next best thing is to shut my eyes, span the globe and imagine the wonders of His creation.

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