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The duality of life never ceases to amaze me. We live in a universe of good and evil where virtue and savagery constantly compete for man’s passion. As a child, a tarantula frightened me yet it’s a flawlessly engineered creation.

Cross and MeadowAnd most remarkably, in God’s plan for man’s salvation, He walked among us as the Incarnate Word nevertheless He was rejected, vilified and mocked by scores.

His reward as the Redeemer was crucifixion.

I’m in my favorite leather chair, my legs and feet comfortably resting on the ottoman. My dog Lani is positioned as usual, snuggled between my legs. I’m looking out at the spectacular vista beyond my windows. I love these moments with her. They’ll be part of my memory forever.

She stirs and moves to another of her favorite locations, the couch. She looks over at me for an okay and climbs on up. Three spins, situating herself perfectly, her eyes rolling back in her head, my beautiful black Lab slowly exhales and sleeps.

The quiet allows me to think. I seem to be on two paths; survival in this world and preparing for the next. I guess one could technically prepare for Hell, but I’m aiming more North. To be with Him.

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My Encounter With God

September 28, 2012 — 3 Comments

Invariably, before reading the various news sites in the morning, I first scan the Drudge Report. Generally, the headlines are not toasty fuzzy to say the least. Yesterday, for instance. Murder––suicide––animal cruelty––Iran being Iran, that’s bad––Israel being Israel, not good but understandable––GDP and durable orders in freefall––politicians tap dancing on semantics––social unrest in socialized Europe––and even a drunken horseman leading police on a slow-speed chase, which is sort of funny in contrast.

Moses - My Encounter With God

The quick perusal of world events only revs up my angst. I begin to redline however, when a usual preoccupation, of late, comes to mind––my life in quasi-crisis. Quasi in that it appears so but it’s not really.

You see, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and that is earth-shattering fantastic. The fact that personal and professional fronts are not rosy, this too shall pass––I hope.

Therein my problem. Trusting and accepting God’s will, from my perspective, is like bungee jumping. Screaming towards the third planet from the sun at Mach 12 and this rubber band is going to save me!?

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