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The Mind Of An Atheist

December 12, 2012 — 4 Comments

New York City has a controversial new billboard up in Times Square paid for by American Atheists (AA). Apparently, Jesus is a myth. Their motivation can be summed up with the following bites attributed to AA’s leadership:


  • “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!”
  • “The holiday season is about family, friends, and love and its beauty has nothing to do with the gods of yesteryear.”
  • “Indeed, the season is far more enjoyable without the religious baggage of guilt and judgmentalism.”
  • “If you know God is a myth, you do not have to lie and call yourself Christian in order to have a festive holiday season.”

Imagine you’re a believer in God (for those who might be secular) and someone comes to your door and asks for a donation. The donation will help pay for an airplane to pull a banner over the Rose Bowl parade. The banner will read, “Atheists Are Idiots.” Now, most of us would first ask if the solicitation request was serious, but really? You’re collecting funds for that?

Hmm. Then you’d reach in your pocket and show the solicitor your to-do list of 47 million higher priority action items than bashing a segment of society just for the hell of it.

So atheism, a belief system, rejects God––He’s false. Christianity, a belief system, embraces the Triune God––He’s true. Okay, a difference of opinion. Let’s talk about it.

Nope, let’s not says the atheist. I’d rather insult, denigrate, patronize and ridicule if you don’t mind. Or mind, whatever.

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At the end of Part One, I was beginning to discuss the moral compass inside all of us, the natural law etched on our hearts. Two examples of this compass come to mind. Some Christian fundamentalists I’ve met will say that a dying baby not yet baptized will not be saved nor go to heaven. My internal compass starts doing flips when I hear this. A loving God would be that rigid and deny salvation to an innocent? Sorry. It just does not ring true.

Modern JesusThe more extreme example is the father who sexually abuses his ten-year old daughter. This is objectively wrong, universally wicked and a reasonable person in tune to his moral compass would have to agree.

The relativist, denying that moral compass and existing in a world that is never absolute, might say that depending on the culture, societal or historical context, this abuse could be condoned. The absurdity of this statement, its brazen opposition to natural law, is evidence that relativism in regards to morality is false.

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