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Red Shoes And A Toolbox

February 17, 2013 — 1 Comment

When John talked about his unworthiness in untying Jesus’ sandals, that same analogy is appropriate as I contemplate the contributions of Pope Benedict XVI during his extraordinary life.

Papal Red ShoesPapa, I’m not worthy to even shine your red Papal shoes.

I say this in part as I read some of the criticism that has been leveled his way. Tough audience. It makes me wonder what he should have done–in their minds–to earn passing marks. Let me go out on a three-inch limb. If more people dedicated their lives to pursuits similar to those of Joseph Ratzinger, the world would be less dark, more loving and more open to the embrace of God.

May God bless this humble, soon-to-be former Pope in his life of prayer and inspire him to continue his charism as teacher nonpareil.


One hundred and seventeen men will soon enter the Sistine Chapel and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the College of Cardinals will elect the 266th Pope.

On day one, 117 men will be flawed (not impeccable but capable of sin) and fallible (liable to err). On the day of election and assent by the chosen Cardinal, 117 men will remain flawed and fallible except for one huge proviso. The new Pope, because of his office, is now infallible on matters of morals and faith (as is the body of bishops as a whole when in doctrinal unity with the Pope). I find this fascinating, I accept it on faith but can understand the misunderstanding, disbelief and even hostility by those outside the Church on this doctrine.

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Twitter And Infallibility

December 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

Recently, on Twitter under the hash tag #ThingsPopeWontTweet, I suggested one. “Today’s the day. I can feel it. I’m infallible.” I thought it was pretty funny. Which got me thinking…


Taken together, the doctrine of infallibility, the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception (we celebrate the Feast day on December 8) and faith is to some like eating a Thanksgiving dinner on a surfboard riding a wave at Jaws Beach, Hawaii. Difficult at best and almost impossible to digest.

So, let’s first talk about infallibility. The following is a good summary.

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