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When God intervenes in history, I like the fact that He doesn’t attach warning labels or cordon off the area or put up police tape. I’d much rather be kept in the dark.

Lourdes Divine Intervention

“Alright folks, keep it moving––I’m in control here. Hey, kid, you with the baggy pants. Why aren’t you in school?”

You see, if I know someone else has the reins, I might be lazy in terms of solving the problem. For example, Tuesday’s election. Clearly, President Obama is the antithesis of Catholic values. Yet, here he is, all snuggled up in the White House plotting havoc on a myriad of fronts. I guess all I can do is plan a counter-offensive from the cheap seats with a blog as my only weapon.

God, you okay with this?

And then my powerful pea brain locks in on the fact that God is very much okay with this. Great good comes from terrible bad––the lesson of the Cross––so He’s cooking up something in His own mysterious way. But rather than back off and let Him fix it, He wants us to be trusting, patient but fully engaged in the battle with Him. We’re disciples of Christ.

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