I’m a Catholic and proud American, a former Marine fighter pilot, currently a business executive, writer and observer of the world. Since shrinks are expensive and confession booths aren’t open on command, I decided to blog instead. As I apply my unique lens to the world, it’s edifying – at least for me – like removing bubbles from champagne for clarity.

Since perspective on ALL things human and divine is a tad ambitious, I’ve narrowed my site’s focus by dropping “all.” Within this smaller playing field, I plan to write about matters that generally attract my attention – religion, culture, politics, the military, and news items occasionally out of left field. Since I’m a former atheist who converted to Catholicism, more times than not, I see the world through a spiritual lens – mildly irreverent and gently satiric as well. Trifocals as it were.


I plan to post two to three times a week. If you’re interested in receiving notifications of new posts, please subscribe! Or bookmark! I’ll be both humbled and appreciative.

There are two approaches to outlining my background. The formal curriculum vitae would begin as follows:

  • 20+ Years Accomplished Real Estate Experience / Fund & Asset Management / Acquisitions, Development, Operations & Divestitures / U.S. & International / Mature & Emerging Markets / Institutional Investment / Joint Ventures / Fiduciary
  • Proven success in utilizing talents and expertise to make significant impact on private/public, world-class entities. Principal (1 of 3) in firm that advised more institutional/pension fund real estate capital ($60 billion) than anyone else in the world. Played key role in underwriting and delivering a fairness opinion for $1.5 billion international real estate portfolio providing 18% IRR return to institutional investors. Direct senior project management experience on world-class developments valued at over $800 million.

However, I prefer a more informal approach.

I’m curious by nature and undaunted by the unknown, so consequently I’ve notched a number of careers. Educated in zoology (B.S.) and business (M.B.A.), I’ve been a Marine Captain, Harrier fighter pilot and screenwriter and have worked with the best and brightest in micropaleontology, real estate development and institutional investing.

At one time I was represented by the head literary agent at a major talent agency, have appeared on TV demonstrating the spectacular AV8 Harrier, been pictured on the cover of USA Today for no good reason other than dating a movie star, been recruited by the CIA, given speeches to the largest institutional investors in the world, briefed the Chinese Defense Minister on secret stuff, survived a jet crash, been featured in a Japanese golf magazine, experienced miracles and talked to God (most satisfying). Weekends were a whole other matter.

Having most recently lived in the wilds of Wyoming with my beloved dog Lani (pictured above at eight weeks) – without becoming a hunter’s trophy – my suitcase is always packed in anticipation of the next great stage of my journey.

I now live in Roseville, California. I’m new to the area but am happy to be here.

  • Cavscout56

    Greetings ! I just found your page and found it interesting, a former atheist converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m a retired service member. I have always believed in God and through my entire life my faith has been on a roller coaster , ups and downs. I’m currently a cancer patient. Having this disease has been both a sorrow and a blessing. Being told that my type of cancer has no cure reality about our mortality comes quick.

    Cancer has brought me closer to God and thus generating an internal peace. I know God has a purpose for me ( always had) but because my stubbornness It has come to this, like a father God punish those He loves. So, your question and mine is the same, where does The Lord want us to serve for Him? I have been taken one day at a time. I pray , feel His presence, read the Bible,go to church and wait for His answer. I’m leaning toward ministering to those in sickness but I wait for His answer.

    Finnally, be patient, stay connected in prayer and the answer will come. BTW , God has no religion, we made religion. In judgement day we will be in front of Him and it will be a one on one situation. God Bless you and stay firm, He is real


    • Frank,

      Great to hear from you. One of the special joys from blogging is an opportunity to communicate with folks from all over. First, I will pray for you. Cancer is a bear, but you’re spot on in stating that bad things make you focus on good things. Nothing is better than a renewed and close relationship with God. As to the mystery of your cancer and suffering, someday its purpose will be clear.

      I think this idea of helping folks in their sickness is something to seriously consider. Is there a downside? I think your compassion would be a gift to those who are struggling.

      God bless you!