A Leaf on Water

“Anno Domini 2009, I lost everything. Materially, spiritually, I was bankrupt; even my physical being thought about calling it quits. Every breath, every day seemed to be a cascade of emptiness and desolation. Yet, in retrospect, every figurative drop of blood was necessary.”

A Leaf on Water: An Atheist’s Fall To Grace is the gut-wrenching odyssey of a failed man who searches for God and finds Him. The author was a poster child of success: Marine fighter pilot, global investor, budding screenwriter. On a downward spiral without ever realizing it, his atheistic hubris, empty existence and material failure eventually brought him to the brink.

Yet God got in the way. He inspired the author to assess his life and seek Him. Thus, his journey is one of profound revelation. Using reason and reborn faith, he ultimately discovers the purpose and joy of a Christian life.

What pushes us to the edge? Why do some people jump and others find solace? To the extent someone finds comfort in something, is it authentic and spiritual – God? – or superficial and earthly – wealth, pleasure, power, honor.

Although the landscape of creation is awe inspiring, it is littered with mines; evil, immorality, addiction, economic woes, materialism, family dysfunction, cultural decay and secularism are but a few. Consequently, it shouldn’t be surprising that religion and spirituality books are the fastest growing genre in book publishing.

Yet A Leaf on Water is not an ivory towered how-to book on living a Christian life and dealing with day-to-day obstacles. It is a unique chronicle of a shattered life as it happened, while in the midst of minefields, demons and an agonizing reality. A Leaf on Water explores the trials and questions – and there are many – of one man, and his discovery of God, Truth and purpose.

This book is in the rewrite stage. It casts a wide net and hopes to touch hearts, arouse reflection and nudge people toward God. It is stylistic, dark, hilarious, insightful, raw, smart, and bloody but undeniably unique, thoroughly Christian and ultimately hopeful. Hope to have it completed soon!

  • Vanessa Joy

    Would love to buy it , unfinished! Love your title…I will pray for your job situation. Many of us are seeking gainful employment. It has become a cry of many hearts and a bit of an oxymoron as the years ebb by.

    • Thank you for your nice words! Humbling times for many indeed but there’s a lot to learn in difficult times. I’ll pray for you as well. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog.

  • Nancy Kotting

    Interesting…that it is in rewrite that is. Will dig into your blog more closely, looks like it has substance. NK

  • probably should change the rewrite comment. have let it slide for a number of reasons, although the exercise of writing it was extraordinary. read your post…was impressed by its quality and moved by its content. we don’t necessarily journey on circuitous paths but tumble in cyclonic forces. tough to find your way when you’re battered to hell. you’ve been there it seems. rather cool in a supernatural sense that god is indeed the shepherd.