What If

January 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

I did a bit of verbal riffing today?

ponderingGetting closer to God is one of my preoccupations––building a relationship wherein I’m strengthened by Him to meet the myriad trials of the day.

Of course, embracing all aspects of love is preeminent to closeness because without love in one’s life, we distance ourselves from God. It’s tantamount to watching a flower drift away with the ebb tide.

When it comes to friendship with God, something else besides love comes to mind. He has given us the gift of creation––most properly, man and woman lovingly united in marriage becoming one flesh to create new life––so that we are grafted to Him and joyfully participate in His plan and the world.

However, there is another facet of creation that I find fascinating. The creative process. As a writer, it’s plain fun to ponder the deep questions of man as well as the trivial. You never know where the exploration will take you. Moreover, the great rewards are those moments when thinking is interrupted––when inspiration takes control and you write something better than good. And you know those special words aren’t yours but that they came from somewhere else. The Gospel writers could shed some spectacular insight on this very subject.

So where am I going with today’s post? Today I feel like thinking. Let’s wander through the cracks and crevasses of my brain and see what’s written on the walls.

What if people realized that being a Christian is cooler than being an iconoclast?

What if people tripled their listening time and reduced their talking by eighty percent? Would they think twice as much?

What if people were certain that they would be plucked from obscurity? Would they dress for the occasion?

What if people waited for you to stop speaking before they began to think about what they were going to say––rather than forming their statement while you were talking?

What if people acted in their own self-disinterest?

What if people realized that tattoos are the opposite of individualism?

What if people could see the length of their funeral procession before they died? Would they change their lives?

What if you ask people who support abortion their exact age when they weren’t human? Clearly, it would have been in the womb. But when? And on that day before they morphed from non-human to baby, would they say that it was okay to destroy them?

What if you ask mothers who support abortion the exact age when their child wasn’t human? Clearly, it would have been in the womb. But when? And on that day before their child morphed from non-human to baby, would they have allowed someone to destroy it? No? Then two days prior? Please tell me the day when it would be acceptable.

What if people understood that we are human at the moment of conception and it’s an unarguable fact?

What if people realized that abortion will segue to cloning, or rather the mass production of humans for profit?

What if a fetal farm opens in your neighborhood––once cloning becomes a reality­––would you buy an organ to save someone you love?

What if people understood that selfishness is transparent?

What if people acknowledged that they really might not know everything so maybe they’re not as right as they know they are?

What if tyranny becomes real in America––think socialist regimes––will people literally fight back or acquiesce?

What if people helped one neighbor every day?

What if people stopped defining themselves by their sexual orientation? Would their value of self increase?

What if all the guns in America were confiscated? Would government ever take advantage?

What if people realized that the more compassionate dollar is the one in private hands and not public ones?

What if people understood that the more people on the take means the less people on the give and that the givers would someday give up?

What if Catholics invited a priest to dinner once a month?

What if unions weren’t part of the educational system?

What if unions weren’t part of the mining industry?

What if we all wore shock collars that zapped us when we shouted?

What if all strippers had to use their legal name?

What if criticizing behavior has nothing to do with judging others?

What if vanity, ego, and self-indulgence were not allowed during the Oscars?

What if the archangel Michael appears at the Super Bowl? Would that be a good thing for the world?

What if people realized that disagreeing on big moral issues is not intolerance?

What if I write a what-if post periodically?