Yesterday A Leader Was Born – Today They’re Faceless & Anonymous

November 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

“The best is yet to come.” Mr. President, I’m in complete agreement. Unfortunately, it won’t be under your leadership.

faceless leaderOn the eve of the first presidential debate, I wrote that our nation was on the brink of two possible outcomes.

  1. A continuing, perhaps irreversible, degeneration of the United States of America,
  2. Or an opportunity to revive its moribund self by electing a new leader.

The choice would be ours to make.

I was worried that as many people struggle with the realities of their lives in today’s America as provider, nourisher, contributor and believer, their anxiety and uncertainty could morph into something much worse––hopelessness and despair. I was praying that our nation would somehow rediscover its wisdom and elect a new President––someone who understood the DNA of a republic built on religious freedom, equality, limited government and hope. Would this new President succeed? I don’t know. I had issues with his résumé. However, the last one failed.

But America disappointed me. My prayers went unanswered. Or did they?

President Obama will continue in office for another four years. I’m not particularly optimistic that the machinations in Washington will miraculously change for the better––I actually expect the opposite. In regards to the economy, foreign affairs, or religious and social issues to name a few hot spots, there may be positive movement in some areas and negative results in others. Please don’t ask me specifics because I can only guess. But overall, we won’t see much difference.

America will continue its decline, and despair––the darkness of soul that drowns hope––will permeate even more into the fabric of America.

Yet somewhere in this great land, on a day where two distinct visions divide a population, a man or a woman was called to lead. History will someday record the circumstances of their calling––as Washington, Lincoln and Reagan memorialized theirs. But this very day someone said “enough” and vowed to do something about it. In the name of God.

I don’t know who they are. For the moment, they’re faceless and anonymous––a gold nugget in an unknown stream in an undisclosed place.

And they’re waiting.

When America can’t fall any further, when we’re truly humbled by failure, when an entire nation is receptive to a dynamic vision––obviously, we’re not there yet––this person will be compelled to step forward.

They will be a true leader, entrusted with God’s grace, and will pick us up by the strength of their character, the force of their personality and the firmness of their faith and once again make America the magnificent archetype for all nations.

This generational torchbearer may be thrust into the public eye sooner than later. Then I can say that my prayers have been answered.

The reason for my hope is simple. I trust in God, I acknowledge His authority and I accept His will.